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5 Things #7

5 Things #7

Another week, another beautiful sunny week in London town. Wow, we are so lucky to be having an actual summer this year, it's blissful. 

Sure I'd like to be relaxing by a pool, but you can't have everything and a cheeky pimms after work definitely hits the spot. Especially now my garden has finally come into bloom! Without further ado, here are 5 things I loved last week.  

1. Sweet peas, finally after 4 months of tending to, my sweet pea plants are flowering.

sweetpeas - rubelle

2. Sunshine - Sunny London is just beautiful.

sunny morning run - rubelle

3. Strawberries - especially when this arrived at my desk pre lunch! 

strawberries - rubelle

4. Visiting my local fruit and veg market. 

fruit and vegetable market - rubelle

5. Watching Wimbledon - even if Andy Murray didn't win.

wimbledon watching with strawberries - rubelle

Rubelle xx

A BIG change.

A BIG change.

Breakfast Ideas

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