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5 Things. #5

5 Things. #5

Last week was quite quiet, wow, I'm being a boring person at the moment.

I'm back on the exercise wagon, healthy eating and running, that's me!! I also went home to my parent's for the weekend, it was my Granny's 80th birthday. Here are 5 things I loved this week.

1. Early morning jogs along the Thames.

blue sky run - rubelle

2. Tea and an impromptu photoshoot with my friend ByBethany - photos coming soon

drinking tea with bybethany - rubelle

3. Going home to see my foals are growing up fast. Still fluffy though!!

donkey foal - rubelle

4. Finding Mr Freeze ice lollies in the supermarket and feeling obliged to buy them.

mr freeze ice lollies - rubelle

5. Finding the flowers still in bloom at home, and Truffle smelling them!

pink rose - rubelle
puppy smelling peony - rubelle

Rubelle xx

5 Things. #6

5 Things. #6

Dubai - 2nd Adventure

Dubai - 2nd Adventure