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5 Things. #6

5 Things. #6

Last week saw probably the hottest week of the year. I had to retreat to my cold basement 'cave' room to get a decent nights sleep, and generally escape the heat. London in the heat is so weird, everyone suddenly wants to celebrate summer whilst going about their normal lives, the parks were full at lunch and workwear went out the window. I love the feeling that summer is finally here. Here are 5 things I loved from last week.

1. Sweetpeas - finally they are out!

sweetpeas - rubelle

2. Summer inspired nail varnish. 

New Manicure - Rubelle

3. Getting up at 5am to help my dad with a project in the countryside. Lie-ins are overrated right?!? And visiting BadDog who's nearly full grown.

Salisbury Plain - Rubelle
My dog - Rubelle

3. Eating Al Fresco!

Eating Al fresco - Rubelle

4. Aperol Spritz by the pool on a lazy Sunday. 

Aperol Spritz by the pool - rubelle

Rubelle xx

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Ideas

5 Things. #5

5 Things. #5